Greece will return a €300 fine to citizens over the age of 60 who have not been vaccinated.

Greece’s Health Minister Thanos Prevlis said on Friday that the €300 fine for unvaccinated citizens over the age of 60 will be revoked if they later vaccinate against Covid-19.

“The 300,000 citizens who paid the fine and later got vaccinated will get their money back,” Plevris said in an interview with ANT1 TV.

he I got it There will be a related announcement within the next week.

During the winter coronavirus peak, the Ministry of Health imposed a fine of €100 per month for each citizen over the age of 60 who did not receive basic vaccinations against Covid-19.

The fine was €50 from the second half of January, €200 for the entire February and March, and €50 from the first half of April.

The ministry has abolished the fines after April 16, 2022 and does not appear to be imposing them again.

However, anyone over the age of 60 who has not been vaccinated will be fined €300 in their tax office accounts.The Ministry of Education even threatened seize assets unless you pay the fine.

Plevris stressed that “80% of people over the age of 60 are vaccinated in Greece” and “we are interested in the latest vaccines”.

Regarding the return of unvaccinated health workers to work, the minister said he was considering their return once health officials reviewed epidemiological data in the coming weeks.

“Unvaccinated health workers have no place in the health system because they don’t believe in science,” said Plevris.

He added that there are currently 2,100 unvaccinated health workers, 200 of whom are doctors. The rest are primarily administrative and support staff.

Last September, more than 7,000 health care workers nationwide were suspended without pay for not being vaccinated. Meanwhile, it seems thousands of people have been shot and returned to work.

The absence of 7,000 people from public health facilities put pressure on the health care system, causing trouble and significant delays for patients. Greece will return a €300 fine to citizens over the age of 60 who have not been vaccinated.

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