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Greek rescuers find first ferry flame victim off the island

Rescue teams searching for a burning ferry off Corfu, Greece, were first confirmed dead three days after the fire began, as a 21-year-old Belarusian man was found alive. The body of the truck driver was recovered.
The Greek Coast Guard told AFP that the 58-year-old Greek victim was 11 truck drivers (7 Bulgarian, 3 Greek, Turkey) of unknown cause yesterday, three days after the fire broke out. It was one of one person).
Fire chief Dimitris Contojannis, who is coordinating rescue operations, told Alpha TV last night that the search for survivors would continue all night.
A man found alive at the stern of a damaged ship was rescued yesterday morning, 50 hours after the fire broke out.
The ferry was 1.5 miles from the northern part of Corfu, the Coast Guard said.
The smiling Belarusians were taken to Corfu by a beach guard boat in flip-flops and put on an ambulance, TV footage showed.
“I’m fine,” he told the journalist, then he was taken to the hospital and will stay at least until tomorrow. According to the Proto Thema News website, the truck driver was telling the rescuer, “Tell me I’m alive.”
“I was in my cabin. I went to the deck below. I heard a voice. I didn’t see anyone else,” the survivor said with a rescuer at the hospital where he was treated. I talked to the doctor. According to Greek media, the news of men’s “miracle” survival has raised hopes that more lives may be saved.
Andreas Corikis, who helped the rescue on Friday, told the Athens News Agency (ANA) that “the ship may still have parts that are safe for passengers.”
“As we saw, one of them came out and hope is still alive. The search continues, but it is not accessible in some places.” According to the fire brigade, rescue yesterday morning. At least 40 firefighters have been deployed in the area to support the activity. Currently, 10 people remain missing.
“The heat load and toxicity to the vessel remain high. In some areas, the fire is still burning. The operation is really delicate,” Shipping Deputy Minister Costas Casafados told Sky.
The flames broke out late Thursday at Euroferry Olympia, which raised the Italian flag, with nearly 300 people on board from Igoumenitsa in Greece to Brindisi in Italy.
The rescue team managed to save 280 passengers on Friday and evacuate them to Corfu. The man rescued yesterday was one of those drivers, the Coast Guard said. According to the Grimaldi family, the ship officially carried 239 passengers and 51 crew members, 153 trucks and trailers and 32 passenger cars. However, the Coast Guard says the two rescued are Afghans who are not in the manifesto, raising concerns that undocumented passengers may also be missing.
The missing truck driver was reportedly sleeping in the car because the cabin of the ship was crowded. Iliad Geronti Dakis, son of a missing Greek truck driver, told Proto Tema’s online newspaper that Olympia was “disastrous from all perspectives.”
“There were bed bugs, they were dirty, and there was no security device,” he said waiting for news at the harbor. “There were 150 heavy trucks inside. We usually need 70 to 75 cabins, but only 50. We’re going to put four people to sleep in the cabin,” he said.
“My dad slept on the truck because I was told.”
Shipowner Grimaldi said in a statement yesterday that ships, cabins and public spaces were “regularly disinfected” and “Greek authorities’ inspections at the port of Igoumenitsa on February 16, 2022 gave satisfactory results. “, And refused the accusation.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/710273/Greek-rescuers-find-first-ferry-blaze-victim-off-i Greek rescuers find first ferry flame victim off the island

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