Green opposition LMP submits draft for new GMO technology

The party’s group leader said on Wednesday that the Green Opposition LMP parliamented a draft decree denying the initiative of a major international company to exempt products made with new genetic technology from strict EU regulations on genetically modified products. Said that he submitted it to.

“I’ve heard of attempts to bring food of unknown origin to the Hungarian table,” Péter Ungár said at a press conference.

Örs Tetlák, LMP Board members said at the same press conference that multinational chemical companies and seed companies are urging regulators to change GMO rules and exempt new GMO technology products. These companies are also seeking exemptions from the rules regarding GMO labeling, he said.

“The European Commission seems to be succumbing to mulch, which puts food security at risk,” Tetrack said.

Ungár said the draft LMP legislation also calls for more domestic and EU funding for green agriculture.

Source: MTI Green opposition LMP submits draft for new GMO technology

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