Grillo supports Conte and says M5S stays in government-English

(ANSA)-ROME, June 28-Five Star Movement (M5S) founder Beppegrillo gave M5S leader Giuseppe Conte a vote of trust on Tuesday, and the movement remains with Mario Draghi’s resignation after Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio resigns. M5S, which said it would continue to support the government, will form a secession group.
Grilo, who turned from a comedian to a politician, said when asked about the former Prime Minister when he arrived in the House of Representatives to meet with Dimaio’s post-retirement M5S lawmaker, “calm down when it comes to content.” Local elections.
“We ride perfectly.”
When asked if the M5S would remain in the ruling coalition, Grillo replied “certainly.”
Dimaio quit M5S after lining up with Conte over the government’s policy of providing military aid to Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. (ANSA).

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