Growing concern over unrest in Haiti

The United Nations (UN) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have expressed serious concern about the continuing deterioration of the security and social situation in Haiti.

In a statement yesterday, Caricom said it “continued to break down law and order, with increasing tragic consequences for the Haitian people.”

“The failure of Haitian security forces to address ongoing violence exacerbates the crisis.”

Haiti has experienced violent protests after the government announced a fuel price hike.

Caricom said the unrest would have a negative impact on an already weakened economy and lead to even bigger demonstrations.

“In particular, the deteriorating social situation and limited food availability require urgent and immediate attention from the international community,” said CARICOM.

“This persistently dire situation is unacceptable and CARICOM is urging all stakeholders to find a way forward, put the country first, and take meaningful action to address the situation urgently. I ask you to get involved.”

CARICOM will also support its international partners to expedite the process towards normalization and ultimately the holding of free, fair and credible general elections after discussions over the past few weeks, He said it remains possible to work together to mobilize financial and technical resources.

A United Nations statement on Friday noted that Secretary-General António Guterres is deeply concerned about the current situation in Haiti, where civil unrest has bogged down the country.

“The Secretary-General is particularly concerned about the safety of all Haitians, including the most vulnerable, and calls for calm and utmost restraint,” the statement said.

“He urges all relevant stakeholders to take immediate steps to mitigate the situation, avoid violence and enable the Haitian National Police to fulfill its role of protecting the population. .”

The Secretary-General reiterated his strong call for all stakeholders to transcend their differences and engage without further delay in a peaceful and inclusive dialogue for constructive progress.

He warned that if the current situation continued, it would exacerbate the already dire humanitarian situation facing Haiti’s most vulnerable people.

The Miami Herald reported on Sunday that Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry has postponed a trip to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly this week, blocking roads and targeting schools, foreign embassies, banks and money transfer companies. condemned the violence against

After reports of the kidnapping of a local staff member of the Bahamian Embassy in Haiti, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell recently said Bahamian staff are free to leave without consequences if they feel threatened at any time. rice field.

Asked for yesterday’s update, Mitchell said, “The voluntary order to allow anyone feeling unsafe to withdraw is still in effect.

“However, the international airport is closed. All staff continue to work from home. The embassy grounds are under surveillance and safe. I cannot comment on the alleged abduction.”

Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) Brigadier General Dr. Raymond King recently said the RBDF remains vigilant about the potential for increased activity related to illegal immigration as a result of the riots. Growing concern over unrest in Haiti

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