Growing dissatisfaction about Russia’s chaotic mobilization

The raspy pro-Kremlin editor of Russia’s state broadcaster RT on Saturday expressed anger that recruiters were sending call-up papers to the wrong people amid growing dissatisfaction with military mobilization across Russia.

The announcement Wednesday, the first time Russia has announced public mobilization since World War II, to step up its aggression against Ukraine rush to the border Eligible men, arrests of over 1,000 protesters, and broader population unrest.

The authorities have now drawn criticism even among official supporters of the Kremlin itself. This is almost unprecedented in Russia since the invasion began seven months ago.

“It was announced that civilians can be recruited until the age of 35. The summons will be made at the age of 40,” he said. RT Editor Margarita Simonyan slammed her Telegram channel.

“As if on purpose, as if spiteful, they are infuriating people. As if they were sent from Kyiv.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that the deputy minister in charge of logistics, four-star General Dmitry Bulgakov, was replaced “due to a transfer to another role.” No further details were provided.

Russia officially counts millions of former conscripts as reservists, potentially nearly the entire male population of combat age.

Officials say 300,000 troops are needed, prioritizing people with recent military experience and significant skills.The Kremlin has two Russian news outlets based abroad, Novaya Gazeta Denied reports by Europe and Medusa that the real target was over 1 million people.

Across Russia, reports have surfaced of men with no military experience, or men past military age, suddenly receiving call-up papers.

On Saturday, the head of the Kremlin’s Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeev, publicly announced that he had sent a letter to Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu requesting an “urgent solution” to the issue of mobilization.

His 400-word Telegram post criticized the way exemptions were applied, citing several instances of improper enlistment involving nurses and midwives with no military experience.

“Some[recruiters]hand over their call-up papers at 2 a.m., as if they think we’re all draft dodgers,” he said.

“Canon Feed”

On Friday, two days after his enlistment, the Defense Department gave several lists. sector Employers could nominate staff for exemptions.

There was a special protest among ethnic minority In the remote and economically deprived regions of Siberia, where Russian professional armed forces have long been disproportionately recruited.

Since Wednesday, people have been preparing to queue for hours to cross to Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Finland or Georgia, fearing Russia may close its borders.

Governor of the Buryatia region of Russia, located on the border with Mongolia. home of the Mongolian minoritywho admitted Friday that some people received paperwork in error and said those not serving in the military or on medical exemptions would not be called.

On Saturday, Mongolia’s president until 2017 and now president of the World Mongolian Federation, Tzakia Elbegdorj, promised a warm welcome to those escaping conscription and bluntly called on Putin to end the war. .

“Buryat-Mongolia, Tuva-Mongolia, Kalmyk-Mongolia … are just cannon fodder,” he said in a video message, wearing Ukrainian yellow and blue ribbons. It refers to three Mongolian ethnic groups in Russia.

“Today you are escaping cruelty, cruelty and perhaps death. Tomorrow you will begin to liberate the country from dictatorship.”

Mobilization, the so-called hasty organization of the organization referendum Joining Russia in occupied Ukrainian territory this weekend came on the heels of a lightning-fast Ukrainian offensive in the Kharkov region, Moscow’s sharpest reversal of the war seven months ago.

Anti-war group Vesna took to social media to call for new demonstrations across Russia on Saturday night after more than 1,300 protesters were arrested in 38 towns on Wednesday, according to independent watchdog OVD-Info.

(Reuters) Growing dissatisfaction about Russia’s chaotic mobilization

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