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Gulf of Mexico, USA: “Results of Encouragement”

Project partner Kosmos Energy said Tuesday that the excavation of the Beacon Offshore Energy Winterfell-2 Evaluation Well at Block 943 in the Green Canyon region of the Gulf of Mexico has shown promising results.

The Winterfell-2 well, with a Cosmos work profit of approximately 16.4%, was excavated to evaluate the fault block northwest of the first Winterfell discovery and tested two horizons oiled in the Winterfell-1 well. Designed to do. Has a tail of exploration to the deeper horizon.
According to Kosmos Energy, the well-discovered net oil of about 40 meters (~ 120 feet) is paid on the first and second horizon with better oil saturation and porosity than expected before drilling. increase. The exploration tail found additional oil-impregnated horizon in deeper reservoirs. This is also expected in the block just north.

100 million barrels

“The results of this assessment further clarify the potential resources of central Winterfell, and the current estimate is about 100 million barrels,” Kosmos Energy said.

Separately, Cosmos has handed over the profits of the two blocks just north of the Winterfell discovery to the central owner of the Winterfell discovery in exchange for cash consideration and retention of preferred royalty profits. Stated.

“This will coordinate the partnership and allow us to further expand our development with low-risk follow-on drilling. Cosmos has a 35% stake in the two blocks, which have been significantly reduced in risk following the results of Winterfell. The Winterfell Complex is within tie-back distances with several existing and planned host facilities, and the partnership is working to define a development plan, “says Cosmos Energy.

Andrew G. Ingris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kosmos Energy, said: The good results are encouraging and provide the support needed to drive a low-cost, low-carbon development scheme that can be online in about two years. “

The Winterfell-2 well is located in waters of approximately 1,600 meters (~ 5,800 feet) and has been excavated to a total depth of approximately 8,700 meters (~ 28,500 feet).

An affiliate of Beacon Offshore Energy LLC is the operator of Winterfell-2 wells. Additional stakeholders include Red Willow Offshore LLC, Ridgewood Monarch North LLC, CSL Exploration, LP, CL & F Offshore LLC, Houston Energy, LP, Beacon Offshore Energy Exploration LLC, and Beacon Asset Holdings LLC.

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