Gun Safety Bill: Mitt Romney Votes for, Utah State Representative Votes Negative

Four Utah Republicans voted against the bipartisan gun safety bill on Friday, leaving Senator Mitt Romney as the only member of the state’s federal delegation, with a package now heading to the president’s desk. I supported it.

The House passed the bill — Parliament’s most important response to the mass shootings of nearly 30 years — in 234-193, the majority of House Republicans opposed the bill. President Joe Biden is expected to sign the law soon.

The Bipartisan safer community law Includes $ 13 billion in new spending on policy programs such as mental health and school safety.It provides money to the state Red flag methodCrack down on buying straws for firearms, and change the process when someone between the ages of 18 and 21 buys a gun and closes the so-called boyfriend’s loophole.

Like other Republicans, Utah lawmakers argue that the law limits the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. They also oppose the federal dollar going to the Locomotive Acts of the state.

“The Senate gun control bill unfairly jeopardizes the right of citizens to comply with all laws in Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment,” said Chris Stewart. Tweet..

Stewart said he would continue to defend mental health care and school safety.

“We believe we can achieve these goals while respecting the Constitution. I always support the constitutional rights of all Americans, which is why I voted against them. “He said.

Congressman Blake Moore said he promised not to vote without a full review of bills that could affect the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment.

He praised the Senate negotiators for winning the fierce battle, but said there was no opportunity to cooperate and the bill did not go through the House committee process.

“I have not fully discussed the consequences of the provisions that may allow the state to use federal funds to implement the Hazard Signals Act without the special guarantee of due process protection. I’m not confident to vote for it, “he said.

Moore said his vote was not a total disapproval of the bill. He has made many of its provisions, including investing in mental health resources for Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries, expanding mental health programs at schools, and strengthening criminal penalties and tools to investigate firearm traffickers. He said he would support it.

Congressman Burgess Owens bills to use taxpayers’ dollars to open the door to the Locomotive Act, which poses a significant constitutional threat to due process and other protection against law-abiding American citizens. Said he opposed it.

“I always strongly support the legal rights of all Utain,” he said. Tweet..

Congressman John Curtiss also voted against the bill.

On Thursday, Romney upheld the bill, and Senator Mike Leigh opposed it in the Senate.

Romney, who helped negotiate the package, said it would provide more mental health and security resources at our school and improve background checks without violating the second amendment of law-abiding citizens. I did.

He said it would help prevent romantic relationships who were convicted of domestic violence from committing violence. He also said it would provide assistance to states implementing crisis intervention measures, including a well-due process danger signal law.

Prime Minister Lee described the bill in a Senate debate as “a bill equivalent to closing your eyes and driving through a crowded intersection.”

He said he could support some parts of the bill, but its main provisions are full of problems. He said the proposal imposes overly broad and undefined restrictions on the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment and “pays due process” in due process.

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