Gymnastics proceedings against the FBI over the Larry Nasser case are valid, law professor says

It was one thing that dozens of elite gymnasts survived hundreds of cases of sexual abuse by Larry Nasser, a doctor on the US gymnastics team.

However, Amos Giora, a law professor and author at the University of Utah, said the FBI would ignore its obligations after several gymnasts reported that Nasar had sexually abused and harmed them. rice field. “Army of Enablers” It focuses, in part, on interviews with gymnasts who were teenage or young women when they were violated by the team’s doctors.

“As bad as what Nasar did to their bodies … for many of them, the more serious harm is their perception that those who could have been protected could not, and therefore the power of enablers. “Giora said.

On Wednesday, dozens of women and girl lawyers who were sexually abused by Nasar filed a claim with the FBI for more than $ 1 billion, and mishandling of the Bureau’s case is now stopped by shameful doctors. He said he could have prevented other attacks if he had.

The proceedings were filed after the Justice Department denied three charges against a former FBI agent accused of mishandling Nasar’s investigation into sexual abuse.

The petitioners include Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, and world championship medalist Maggie Nichols, each seeking $ 50 million. Gymnastics players Kaley Lorinz and Hannah Morrow are demanding $ 42.5 million each, according to lawyers. Most women want $ 10 million each.

The FBI was unable to adequately follow up its credible claims against Nassar in 2015, according to a statement released by a lawyer. After that, the victim continued to face sexual abuse in his hands.

“My fellow survivors and I were betrayed by all the institutions that were supposed to protect us: the US Olympic Commission, the US Gymnastics, the FBI, and now the Justice Department,” Maloney said. Said in a statement. “It is clear that the only way to justice and healing is through legal proceedings.”

Guiora said some gymnasts interviewed during the investigation of his book “Armies of Enablers” revealed that they had been sexually abused hundreds of times by Nassar.

World Championship silver medalist Matty Larson told Giora that two or four gymnasts and 13 or 14 young gymnasts shared a hotel room when competing in the international gymnastics competition. At night, they were sent unaccompanied to a hotel room in Nassar for treatment by US gymnasts.

“Mattie told me,’Who sends a 14-year-old girl alone to a man’s hotel room at night?’ She’s right, and they’re enablers,” Giora said.

In his book, Giora writes that the survivors of sexual abuse he interviewed clearly recognize that two different actors harmed them.

“Survivors faced two different categories of evil: predators and enablers. Criminal law is fully equipped to prosecute predators, but the gaps and loopholes available to enablers need to be addressed. Yes, otherwise, not only will the enablers continue their lives while the survivors are suffering, but future enablers will follow in their footsteps, “Giora wrote.

Asked for his reaction to the decision to file a complaint against the FBI, Mr. Giora said, “I will give them more power.”

The participation of prominent athletes like Biles “gets very necessary attention” to the claims and consequent harm caused by the institutions and individuals that athletes relied on to protect them, he said. rice field.

“Prices need to be tight. It will be clear over time whether some sort of settlement was settled or actually brought to court, but such proceedings are really important and fully valid. I think it is, “Giora said.

In this case, he said the FBI’s failure to act on what they were told “absolutely exacerbated the harm caused.”

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