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Hafeez cuts boots with the trademark élan

Former Pakistani cricket captain Mohammad Huffy’s calls it a day. All the good things come to an end, but it is given to a few athletes to measure it well and do it gracefully. His retirement work on Monday not only missed outing essentials when there was still enough fuel left in the tank, but was just as impeccable as to the quality of the sign-off.
Huffy’s appeared at the last presser at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan’s cricket headquarters, and proudly wore a tie with a national green blazer and PCB emblem. More importantly, he chose his words wisely on live broadcasts, calling for 18 years of career time.
The 41-year-old is still a popular figure, and after playing 55 tests, 218 ODIs, and 119 T20Is, Hafeez instantly from peers, current and former Pakistani players, and enthusiasts around the world. It was accepted. Current Pakistani captain Babar Azam and former skippers Misba Ul-Hak, Younis Khan and Waqar Younis were one of the first to wish him a happy retirement.
Huffies, who made his debut in Bangladesh in 2003 and scored 50 points in his second test inning, declined for the next three years, but made a strong comeback at The Oval in 2006, achieving a quality of 95. The test score for Bangladesh is the highest at 224. Hafeez has accumulated 3,652 runs in 55 tests over the 10th century, and the last test was done in late 2018 to maintain reliability. Format for 16 consecutive years (2003-2019). Hafeez earned a sophisticated ODI with an undefeated 140 in Sharjah in 2013 against the West Indies, England, India, Sri Lanka, Ireland and Zimbabwe. His off-spin bowling was very convenient as he grabbed the key wicket with a new ball. Huffies, banned by the ICC due to a twist in his behavior for some time, fixed his flaws and resumed bowling in Pakistan within a year.
In the last six years of international cricket, Huffy’s has emerged as a Pakistani blockbuster at the T20 and ODI, showing off a powerful cameo at the creases. He defeated England in Nottingham for 84 years at the 2019 ICC World Cup two years ago and was declared a Man of the Match. He has achieved more than 32 times in his illustrious career. But perhaps he went to India in the 2017 The Oval Champions Trophy Final, where Pakistan spawned a champion because of its intrinsic value, given that the team was canceled after stuttering at the start of the tournament. On the other hand, I longed for 57 undefeated times with only 37 deliveries.
Huffy’s, a fast-scoring willow messenger of white ball cricket, has developed this amazing ability to smash 6 (214 in all three formats) during batting at the top of the order or in the second half of the inning. Huffy’s game consciousness has been his strength throughout his career. His decent off-spin bowling, playing primarily as a batter, was wisely used in short form by the captain. With a total of 392 international appearances in Pakistan, he was ranked in the top 10 of his country.
A highly skilled operator (he surpassed the bowler and all-rounder ICC rankings in August 2012 and January 2013), Huffy’s easily captained Pakistan and played all 2009 T20 World Cup editions. Did.
Parks, pressers, talk shows, and talk shows weren’t lacking in expert opinion, but Hafeez was known as a “professor” for his ingenuity. With a family of 3.4 million on Twitter, he wants to stay true to his principle stance throughout his career. In particular, we are calling on players who have been convicted of match-fixing not to allow them to represent the country again.
His retirement may be the end of the Pakistani cricket era, but for Huffy’s, the next chapter in life will make him a meaningful cricket role in the PCB given his competitiveness in modern games. You can revert to.

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