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Hajj Expo 2023 attracts record number of attendees, including international attendees

Jeddah — Hajj Expo 2023 2nd Edition The Hajj and Umrah Services Conference and Exhibition attracted a record 60,000 visitors from around the world.

Held under the theme of ‘Quality of Service’, the expo was attended by over 200 government agencies and Hajj and Umrah companies. During this event, over 400 of his international agreements were signed, including 57 of his on Hajj.

The Hajj Conference and Expo, sponsored by Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, patron of the Two Holy Mosques and governor of the Mecca region, fostered opportunities for cooperation and partnership. A number of agreements have been signed between the Hajj and Umrah Ministry and Hajj and Umrah delegations from over 57 states. Significant agreements and partnerships between domestic and foreign investors have improved collaboration and created new partnership opportunities.

The event was organized to promote a culture of quality service, improve the quality of Hajj and Umrah services, and allow pilgrims and Umrah performers from all over the world to enter the Kingdom more easily and quickly. highlighted the big projects that take place in Guests were introduced to a number of new services and technologies during the event to enhance their experience in line with Vision 2030 goals.

Hajj and Umrah Minister Dr Tawfiq Al-Rabiah announced in his opening remarks that the number of pilgrims had risen to pre-pandemic levels for the first time after three years of decline due to health measures. Al-Rabiah stressed that the Government of the Guardians of the Two Holy Mosques regards the service of pilgrims and Umrah performers from around the world as a top priority, a sincere historical commitment and a great honor. . The government is keen to make digital technology available to pilgrims during their travels, allowing them to perform their religious duties comfortably and easily.

Al-Rabiah stressed the zeal of the Hajj Ministry and Umrah to improve all services and solutions available to pilgrims and Umrah performers, saying that all laws and regulations in the Hajj and Umrah ecosystem are being developed. I added that it was done.

He said the authorities are overseeing the affairs of pilgrims and Umrah performers in Islamic world countries, and the early signing of the Hajj Agreement will work with officials to provide first-class services to pilgrims and Umrah performers. said it was evidence of the ministry’s dedication and continued commitment to the 70 countries’ authorities.

Hajj Expo 2023 achieved all of its objectives, attracting participants from the government, private and non-profit sectors. This is thanks to the constant support of the Guardians of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince. The conference and expo focused on the latest advancements in the Hajj and Umrah sector, as well as innovative services and strategies to empower entrepreneurs.

The four-day conference featured numerous scientific and interactive sessions. The total number of main sessions was 9, while the total number of interactive sessions was 9 with 4 in a row. In two presentations plus 36 workshops jointly presented by 70 local speakers and his 11 international speakers, he assessed the present and future of Hajj and Umrah services in three ways. Themes: Improvement, Competitiveness, Sustainability.

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