Half of Hungary’s spas may close due to high prices

Rising electricity and gas prices have already forced some pools to close. Half of the country’s facilities could be affected, according to the Hungarian Spa Association.

As summer draws to a close, many spas offer tickets that are cheaper than regular seasonal passes. However, energy prices are rising and the number of overnight guests is declining. This could result in about half of Hungary’s baths being closed from autumn until the first half of next year.

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The last two years have been tough for everyone in the tourism industry, including the spa industry. Energy prices soared as these businesses were just recovering when war broke out in Ukraine after pandemic-induced shutdowns and restrictions.

People from countries east of Hungary frequent our spa. In recent months, the number of guests has decreased by 20-50% compared to expectations. Said Zoltan Kantas, president of the Hungarian Spa Association. He said all establishments that continued to operate in the same way as before took great risks as prices would only rise.

A study conducted by the association determined that many bathhouses should limit their services (such as saunas). This leads to a further decrease in visitors and profits.

A third or half of spas will be forced to close until the first half of next year

– said Qantas. There are easy parts and difficult parts. If you have a fixed contract for gas and electricity for the next year or are mostly gas dependent, it will help you keep your operations running. But the time has come to modernize most of the building’s energy efficiency.

The most affected facilities are Heviz, Buk, Sarvar, Debrecen, Hajduszoboszlo, Nyiregyhaza, Harkany and Jura, but almost all spas are facing difficulties in staying open and maintaining the quality of their services. . Some of Hungary’s tourists come for the spas, so these events could have a negative impact on the already struggling tourism sector.

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