Halkidiki’s impressive and terrifying waterspout (pcts, vids)

On Sunday morning, a waterspout, both impressive and terrifying, formed near the coast of the first ‘segment’ of the Chalkidiki peninsula.

People sunbathing on the beach of Xenia, by the village of Paliuri, south of Kassandra, quickly picked up their phones and captured the spectacular phenomenon.

They have uploaded several videos and photos on social media.



A waterspout is a vortex between a “storm cloud” and the surface of the ocean that forms on hot and humid days. The main cause of this phenomenon is the large temperature difference between the water surface and the upper atmosphere.

Although weaker than a tornado, a tornado can have wind speeds of 100 km/h or more. However, they dissipate once they reach land.

Most waterspouts are observed near the tropics and are less frequent in mid-latitudes. Halkidiki’s impressive and terrifying waterspout (pcts, vids)

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