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Halliburton Appoints Young Cummings to Board

US oilfield services and equipment giant Halliburton has appointed Earl Cummings and Tobi Young to its board of directors.

The appointment will come into effect on February 23, 2022, both of which mean elections by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on May 18, 2022.

Jeff Miller, Halliburton Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, said:

“While providing oversight today, Halliburton’s board also incorporates actions to foster the leadership of the next generation of boards. Tobi and Earl’s broad role and experience are important to the board. Bringing a Perspective. As Halliburton grows the energy industry, including digital and automated products, and Halliburton Labs grows its major accelerators, we add depth of entrepreneurship and technology monitoring experience. Strengthen the board of directors. “

Cummings and Young are current Halliburton Board members Abdul Aziz F. Alkayal, William E. Albrecht, and Dr. M. Joins Catherine Banks, Alan M. Bennett, Milton Carroll, Marie S. Gerber, Patricia Hemingway Hall, Robert A. Malone and Jeffrey A. .. Miller, and Bavesh V. (Bob) Patel.


Tobi Young leads the global privacy team, manages government relations, and is the lead attorney for Cognizant, a Fortune 200 digital services and technology company. Her work spans legal, legislative, and regulatory issues in privacy and regulatory compliance, immigration, workforce, banking, artificial intelligence, global data privacy, and cybersecurity standards. As government operations take the lead, Young is addressing a number of ESG issues to develop policies and actions on sustainability initiatives. She is a board member of the Cognizant Foundation, which carries out Cognizant’s corporate social responsibility mission.

She is also active in the technology industry, where she is a board member of the Information Technology Industry Council, a global trade association in the industry, and is a member of the Technology Advisory Board of the American Chamber of Commerce Litigation Center. She is also a member of the Business Advisory Board of the International Republican Institute. Young’s past experiences include her role as a Justice Officer for the White House, George W. Bush’s post-presidential office, and Neil Gorsuch, Deputy Judge of the United States Supreme Court.

Young holds a Bachelor of Business degree from George Washington University and a PhD in Law from the University of Mississippi Law School. Young is a member of Chickasaw Nation. Other than Cognizant, she is the co-chair of IRI’s Women’s Democracy Network. Her philanthropic activities include supporting children through organizations such as Literacy First and the National Missing and Exploited Children’s Center.


Cummings is an entrepreneur and has started and operated many businesses in the technology and real estate industry. According to Halliburton, he is currently a board member of CenterPoint Energy (CNP), including members of the Audit and Compensation Committee and chair of the Governance Environmental Sustainability Committee.

Cummings’ entrepreneurial efforts include serving as a managing partner for the real estate fund MCM Houston Properties, LLC. Cummings is also the Chief Executive Officer of the BTS team. The team started out as an information technology and dispatching company that provides solutions and services to different regions, and has evolved into a company that invests resources in different industries to create value for shareholders and others. Stakeholders. He was previously Chief Information Officer and Chairman of the Board. He is also a private company that provides real estate portfolio management and related services, Best Assets, Inc. He also served as Chief Executive Officer of.

Cummings holds a Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston and a Master of Business Administration from Pepardine University. Cummings has been active in community-wide and non-profit board services, including the University of Houston Visitors Committee, C-STEM Robotics (he was the first president of the board), and the Board of Directors of the Yellowstone Academy. I have served. He also participated in the Advisory Board of KIPP Academy and Texas Southern University Business School.

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