Halloumi PDO at stake says MP

After cheese and its PDO were discussed at the House Agricultural Commission on Tuesday, the MP said on Tuesday that ministries are working to stall the implementation of the Halloumi PDO.

The chairman and Akel MPYiannakis Gavriel said they are helping the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture serve certain economic interests to prevent the enforcement of PDO regulations.

He said the lack of audits of Halloumi producers by the Commerce Department indicates a government political decision to support these interests, which is why the law is delayed.

Halloumi is the only product whose manufacturing costs have not been passed on to consumers, he added.

“What’s happening in Halloumi right now, is it a monopoly or isn’t it?” He expressed his hope of more checks and compliance with the standards set by EU regulations and Cyprus law. And asked.

Otherwise, “we have to lose white gold and everyone is responsible, as it is called Halloumi,” Gabriel said.

Disy MP Charalambos Pazaros called for all parties to work together and formally agree to comply with the terms set by the European Commission.

“It is our responsibility to protect Halloumi as a product of our country,” he said. “It’s a shame to lose what we’ve gained so far because our organization can’t agree and follow the standards that have been set.” Halloumi PDO at stake says MP

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