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Hamas listed as a “terrorist organization” in Australia

The new list imposes restrictions on funding the Gaza Strip and covers all its branches after Canberra previously restricted the designation to the military sector of the organization.

Australia previously listed the Hamas Kasam Brigade as a “terrorist group,” but the new designation lists the entire organization. (AA archive)

The Australian Government will list the entire Palestinian group of Hamas as a “terrorist organization” that includes its political sector.

Interior Minister Karen Andrews accused Hamas of being “very uneasy” on Thursday, adding that “Australia has no place for their hateful idealism.”

“It is important that our law covers not only terrorist acts and terrorists, but also organizations that plan, fund and carry out these acts,” Andrews said.

Hamas’ military division was already listed on Australia, but Canberra is now Join the UKExtends the designation to the political sector of the United States, Israel and other groups.

Hamas has a majority in the Palestinian Authority’s parliament.

This designation limits the provision of funding or other assistance to Hamas. — Certain crimes are subject to 25 years in prison.

Israel has maintained the blockade of the Gaza Strip since 2007, when Hamas came to power in a poor excursion.

The United States has long designated Hamas as a terrorist group.

A similar EU decision was the subject of a protracted court battle, eventually returning Hamas to terrorists.

Andrews wrote to the state government to complete Hamas’ list as soon as possible.

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Australia also added the national socialist order of US-based far-right extremist groups to the list of illegal terrorist organizations, bringing the total number of groups to 28.

The National Socialist Order, formerly known as the Atomwaffen Sector, advocates a global “racial war” and the collapse of democratic societies.

Australia has designated it as a terrorist organization, only the third in the far-right group.

Base, a neo-Nazi white supremacist group formed in the United States in 2018, was listed in December, and the UK-based Sonnenkrieg Division was listed in August.

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