Hamsters return to Earth’s stratosphere in a bold balloon and then come back to life

Future tests plan to extend the maximum altitude to 25 km (15 miles). This is the height at which humans begin to see the curvature of the Earth. Sapporo-based space ventures are hoping to gain momentum lately and complete manned missions by the end of the year.

A record rodent virgin test flight was considered successful after the hamster’s balloon reached a high altitude. 23 km ((((14 miles) And returned to Earth, where it was recovered by Iwatani Corp. Off Miyakojima in Japan.

The Sapporo-based company was founded in 2016 and serves clients in the aerospace sector. Iwatani Corp. specializes in space experiments such as balloons, space travel research, and remote sensing.

The airtight, self-developed cabin Height 60 cm When 50 cm in diameterJune 9 Take off from Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture.

Cylindrical aircraft are said to have maintained the same atmospheric pressure and temperature as when they rose on average. 6.3 meters ((((20.7 feet) Every second.

A camera fixed inside the plane took a picture of the hamster looking out the window. 12 km ((((7 miles) On earth.

Maximum altitude was achieved within an hour of the balloon’s takeoff.

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The company, which wants to introduce manned space flight to the commercial market, Confirmed with Hokkaido Shimbun Press After the venture, the hamster is healthy.

Iwaya Giken told the outlets that it plans to conduct additional experiments to demonstrate the safety of traveling to the stratosphere. “I feel the universe.”

“We will continue to experiment so that people can safely board and return.” A spokeswoman told the outlet.–1096610339.html Hamsters return to Earth’s stratosphere in a bold balloon and then come back to life

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