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Harbor365 offers an alternative to existing protective clothing

Saudi Gazette Report

Jeddah — Harbor365, a Singapore-based company, has served the Saudi Arabian market for the past two years. AIBA Singapore Pvt brand. Ltd. Harbor365 has access to the robust infrastructure of Hamed Al Qahtani Universal Markets Company (KSA’s exclusive distributor).

The company has been able to address long-standing problems in the industry and has received an overwhelming response from its large customer base.

Demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) looks promising as Saudi Arabia is one of the major regions of the Middle East. Factors such as worker safety and increased awareness of the use of protective clothing have led to demand for their products and equipment.

People working in the chemical, oil, gas and manufacturing industries need maximum safety due to dangerous work profiles. This has greatly boosted the demand for protective clothing in recent years. One of the main impediments to the growth of the Saudi Arabian PPE market is the increasing demand for high technology garments.

Harbor365 was devised to provide a long-awaited alternative to existing outdated protective clothing. The company’s end-to-end supply chain and push-pull distribution system helps Saudi Arabian companies procure the latest life-saving FR protective garments more quickly.

“Our brand has always focused on being customer-centric in an industry that works mostly in the traditional way. Our products are built with geographical and cultural differences in mind. That’s why each garment is made locally after studying all climatic conditions, workplace ergonomics and sociocultural aspirations, “said Mikhail Bohra, Marketing and Brand Manager at Harbor365. .. statement.

Harbor365 products for end users include chemicals, electrical services, firefighting, flashfire, high visibility, steel, metallurgy, oil and gas, petrochemicals, polymers and plastics, railroads, road construction, shipbuilding and construction, weather, and welding.

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/606089/BUSINESS/Harbor365-provides-alternative-to-existing-protective-clothing?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link Harbor365 offers an alternative to existing protective clothing

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