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Harvey Bay Operates First Carbon Neutral PSV

February 7, 2022

(Photo: Harvey Bay)

Harvey Gulf International Marine, the owner of a US offshore vessel, said it was the first in the world to operate a carbon-neutral platform supply vessel (PSV).

On Monday, one of the company’s three fuel vessels began operations solely on battery power and renewable liquefied natural gas (RLNG), backed by diesel fuel, making it the world’s first New Orleans-based company. ESG certified oil and gas ship operator.

Shane Guidley, CEO of Harvey Bay, said: “Harvey is the only one in the world currently in operation, unless competitors want to build a new dual-fuel LNG carrier or thus use ternary fuel at a cost of $ 113 million. And I own the only one that will operate in the United States from now on. Ships. I don’t think it’s happening because you can never get a daily rate from the end users who support the construction cost of $ 113 million. not.”

Guidry said all five of Harvey Gulf’s 310-foot PSVs can utilize RLNG to operate in carbon neutrality. “For oil companies that want to do everything they can to reduce emissions during oil drilling, there are boats that can be chartered to meet the needs of drilling rigs while burning carbon-neutral fuel,” he said. ..

Carbon natural RLNG consumed on board is a mixture of low carbon intensity (CI) source biomethanes from the pig and bovine industries. Natural methane produced from the waste / by-products of the pork and dairy sector is recovered via the digestion tank. Waste disposal and methane extraction produce renewable gases with a negative carbon intensity (CI) score. Mixing at Harvey Gulf’s LNG fuel supply terminal (the only in the United States) allows the company to achieve net-zero carbon-neutral fuel combustion, which mixes RLNG with locally available LNG with a low CI score. As an example, if you blend a local source LNG with a CI score of +80 LNG and a RLNG with a CI score of -440, the net zero blend will have a 5.5: 1 ratio.

Harvey also announced that it has ordered 25 electric trucks for its employee fleet. All will replace existing combustion locomotives and will be used to support the company’s efforts to continue its vessel operations and decarbonization path.

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