HASB Honor Student Project Return-Freeport News

The HIV / AIDS Survivor Benefits (HASB) Honors Project will be returned at Pelican Bay Resort on December 19, 2021.

Invited events are scheduled to start immediately at 2pm

The established COVID-19 safety protocol is strictly enforced.

According to Kevin Delancy, founder of the HASB Grand Bahamas, the Commission is preparing for the 2021 HASB Honors and pays homage to the 10 individuals who have contributed to the organization and thus influenced the community. Represents.

According to Delancy, the 10 winners this year are: Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Shaliesh Hegde; Caribbean Regional Director of AIDS Healthcare Foundation Dr. Kevin Harvey; Local businessman and philanthropist Tony Miller. Educator Africa Caramo-Miller; Employer Morris Simmons and his wife. Businesswoman Nina “Minna” Outten-Winter. GBHS Butler Jeffrey Hollingsworth, Dr. Eric Brown, Jenine Bayeux.

“We congratulate those who have spent a lot of time, those who stood with us, those who did it silently, those who did not want to be recognized. Enjoy the wonderful event. “I am doing it,” added Delancy.

This event honors the people selected for the 2019 HASB Honors.

“The HASB Honors scheduled for September 2019 had to be postponed due to Hurricane Dorian and the subsequent pandemic, so we are excited to start planning again and remember. I’m looking forward to the event to keep in mind, “says Delancy.

At the final HASB Honors in September 2018, GB Port Authority Vice Chairman Sara St. George.Fred Starlap, GM and Editor-in-Chief Freeport NewsDr. Alfred and Nurse Vivian Brasswaite. Former Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe; GBHS Administrator Sharon Williams; and Evelyn Lightbourne were honored for an exciting and successful ceremony.

The ceremony was also held at Pelican Bay Resort.

“I had only a standing seat at the last event. I’m looking forward to a successful event. I’m excited about the work we do in Grand Bahama. We touch life, bring hope and this It’s changing on the island, “said Delancy.

“Sometimes you get knocked down, but you get back. Sometimes you talk, but you continue. Sometimes people don’t understand what you’re doing, but you’re a day At the end you keep pushing because we believe through education, if we reach this generation, the next generation will be well educated about the facts and truths about HIV / AIDS, this There is no more stigma, “he added. HASB Honor Student Project Return-Freeport News

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