Have you ever heard a nightclub playing Sanskrit songs? Visit Argentina’s “grove”

Do you know clubs where DJs play Sanskrit music? You’ll be amazed to know what’s out there in the world. Tell us more about this nightclub.

It is well known that Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism and is used as a philosophical language in the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions. People all over the world attend classes to learn Sanskrit, but in clubs in Buenos Aires, Argentina, people are “going crazy” with Sanskrit songs.

Buenos Aires DJs don’t play non-Sanskrit songs like salsa or samba. At one of his most famous clubs in the capital city of Buenos Aires, “The Globe”, songs (prayer songs) such as Ganesh Sharanam, Govinda Govinda, Jaijaira Dalaman Halibor, Jaikrishna Hare etc. just to have a lot of fun.

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This nightclub is exceptional in every way and is located in Argentina.You will be shocked to learn that over 800 people gather to sing and dance together in this nightclub in Buenos Aires .

In fact, in 2012, Ambassador Viswanathan of India visited Argentina and wrote about his experience. He admitted that neither alcohol nor smokers were seen at the nightclub.

This nightclub “Grove” even prohibits the use of drugs and does not serve fish or meat. There are only soft drink, fruit juice and vegetarian meal options here. increase.

Performers and crowds pay homage to Sanskrit mantras and Indian deities despite the loud music and raucous dancing in nightclubs. There is no doubt that the environment is spiritual and supportive of activities that uplift the soul, including four hours of music and dance. The audience left the room, their hearts filled with more happiness and peace. Have you ever heard a nightclub playing Sanskrit songs? Visit Argentina’s “grove”

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