Have you tried these strange and wonderful British dishes?

together at Netsuper british corner shopHere we take a look at some of Britain’s most distinctive dishes and reintroduce timeless classics.

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If you think the French are cornering the market on weird delicacies, think again.

Britain’s existence as a collection of islands means that the seas and rivers that flow into it have long provided abundant food, some more unfamiliar to outsiders than others.

For example, Welsh people love rubber breada dish made of shredded and stewed seafood traditionally served with small shellfish called bacon for breakfast Cockles.

Londoners have also been eating cockles for a living since Roman times, and the Thames is littered with seashells tossed in by snack-eating locals.Another favorite taken from the Thames is boiled eelIt is a dish in which eel is chopped, simmered in dashi stock, and cooled to form a jelly. Surprisingly, it is considered best eaten chilled.

Off Norfolk and Suffolk, fishing fleets bring in large quantities of fish. herring Since the Middle Ages. While many herrings are eaten raw, others are aged, smoked in giant coops, and smelled long before you see them. Slice one of these smoked herrings down the middle for a classic breakfast treat. Kipper!

Further inland, there are many more Enjoying weird snacks.Of course, the famous Scottish Haggis – Shredded sheep entrails cooked in the stomach.With the popularity of such dishes, now vegetarian version Available.

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Traditional pork pie It often looks very strange to non-British people, the filling in the crust is pork jelly, made from boiled pig feet and other connective tissue. In fact, some Brits think this is the best part.

But perhaps the strangest British delicacy is the humble stilton Cheese – albeit a covered version cheese miteCenturies ago the presence of these little ticks was highly prized. It was believed that piercing the cheese crust would imbue it with a special flavor.

As noted author Daniel Deaux wrote during a trip in the 1720s, “…We pass Stilton, a town famous for its cheese. The town is called the Parmesan of England, and mites and maggots are brought to your table.Tick ​​like you do cheese

Why not try a slice of Dani cheese?

naughty nickname

British cuisine with strange ingredients has another one with a strange, misleading or simply rude name.

especially descriptive spotted dickFor example, sweat pudding with dried fruit. The origin of the name is that it was called “dick” in the old days because the dough contains nuts.

equally memorable toad in the hole It is a Yorkshire pudding with baked sausages and is named after a toad waiting for prey near a pond.

rumble de thump A traditional Scottish casserole made from leftover cauliflower. welsh rare bit Toast with rich cheese sauce. that Christmas favorite mince pie It doesn’t actually contain meat, but it does contain a lot of fruit. Bubbles and SqueaksIt is a stir-fried leftover vegetable that gets its name from the noise it makes on the stove.

Never say that the British are an unimaginable race!

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important snack

It’s wild and quirky British food, but it’s full of iconic food and snack brands that have been making people smile for decades.

cadbury cFor example, hocolate is a big hit with readers of The Local. cadbury flakes Bar voted top in the previous articleCadbury also curly wari, Crunchy and of course milk block.

walkers potato chips is another favorite across the UK, with an ever-growing range of available flavors. salted, salt and vinegar, cheese & onion, roast chicken and of course shrimp cocktailWhich flavor do you miss the most?

biscuits such as jaffa cake When Jamie Dodgers A classic treat to share in a cup yorkshire tea Also PG tips – or maybe Percy Pig!

Of course, British food is more than just snacks.staple spread Marmite When Branston pickles It has long brightened the mornings of Britons, and the country has long had an eye for quality ingredients. Marks and Spencer Make every meal just a little bit more special.

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