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HBKU Students Win CodeCamp Hackathon with Hamad Hospital’s Smart Solutions

A team of doctoral students from the School of Science and Technology (CSE) and Islamic Studies (CIS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) won CodeCamp, a hackathon sponsored by the Center for Digital Incubation. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
As part of the competition, hackathon participants were challenged to develop smart solutions to corporate challenges. HBKU’s winning team unveiled a predictive machine learning-based solution that solves Hamad Hospital’s patient readmission prediction.
The solution can process live data, such as previous health data and records, to identify patients who are likely to be readmitted within days with high accuracy. The company’s innovative solution leverages machine learning to address the challenge of identifying patients returning to Hamad Hospital within 30 days of discharge. Otherwise, the burden of medical insurance and bed allocation will increase.
The winning team members were CSE PhD students Ashhadul Islam, Mohamed Rafiul Biswas and Uzair Shah in the Information and Computing Technologies department. Mohamed Rakibul Hasan, Department of Engineering Management and Decision Sciences. Mohamed Fazlurrahman Syarif, PhD Student in Islamic Finance and Economics, CIS. The team received an offer from the Digital Incubation Center and an opportunity to partner with Hamad Hospital to commercialize the solution.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/722604/HBKU-students-win-CodeCamp-hackathon-with-smart-so HBKU Students Win CodeCamp Hackathon with Hamad Hospital’s Smart Solutions

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