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HC strikes more than 50% of female pre-orders in Chennai referendum

Chennai: Tuesday’s Madras High Court withdrew an order to offer reservations to women who exceed the 50% limit in the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) elections.

The first judge of the Madras High Court, represented by Deputy Judge Munischwar Nas Bandari and Judge PD Adikesabal, was R. While listening to the petition of the Partivan advocate, he challenged the validity of the government order and abandoned the order.

The petitioner said that 105 of Chennai’s 200 seats were assigned to women, which was unconstitutional and violated the law.

The court has instructed the State Election Commission to reserve only 50 percent of women’s seats for local elections in urban areas.

The petitioner was represented by senior attorney S. Prabakalan, who claimed that local government legislation was amended to provide 50% reservations to women in local government seats in 2016.

He claimed that of the 200 seats of Chennai Corporation, 105 were reserved for women in both the Scheduled Castes and General categories. He said that according to the general booking policy, only 84 seats would have been assigned to women in the general category, and an exaggerated norm, 89 seats were assigned to women in the general category. Told.

He states: “The expression 50% or higher should not be construed to mean that female bookings may be offered in excess of 50%.”

Senior advocates pointed out that a government order issued in 2019 would reserve 16 seats for scheduled castes women, 16 seats for women of designated tribes, and 89 seats for women in the general category. Claimed to be unconstitutional and monetary. For discrimination against men.

https://www.siasat.com/hc-strikes-down-over-50-reservation-order-for-women-in-chennai-civic-polls-2256950/ HC strikes more than 50% of female pre-orders in Chennai referendum

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