Head of NRA and Customs Service Replaced by Bulgarian Caretaker Government –

Former director of the NRA Rumen Spetsov @Dnevnik

Commissioner of the National Tax Agency agency and the Customs agency – Lumen Spetsch and Pavel Tonev were relieved of their duties. Boris Mikhailov and Pavel Gelensky were appointed in their place.

Both of the replacement directors were appointed Ministers of Finance in Stefan Janev’s first caretaker government by Arsene Vasilev, leaving many outstanding issues. Spetsch

Council of Ministers released Lumen Spetsch Reasons for non-fulfillment of obligations based on national tax law agency, announced by the government news agency. From there, they said, according to information officially provided by the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service: agencysince the beginning of the year, different data have been submitted regarding estimated and expected tax revenues for 2022.

The government press release added that there was a problem with state-owned enterprises’ budget obligations. As of July 31, delinquency of the company in question not named to the IRS agency is particularly large. Continuing problems with company payments of VAT due by the end of the year represent additional risks to the implementation of revenues administered by the IRS. agencythe press service writes.

Boris Mikhailov was appointed head of the institution. He was head of the state fund “Agriculture”, auditor of the Ministry of Finance, tax inspector, head of the department of tax administration, owner and manager of a consulting firm in the field of finance and law.

lumen Spetsch He told bTV that his dismissal was for political reasons and had nothing to do with the results of the Revenue Service.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance has informed that Deputy Minister of Finance Rositsa Velkova has dismissed Pavel Tonev from the post of Director of Finance. Customs agency.

Pavel Gelensky, formerly deputy director, was temporarily appointed as deputy director.

After taking office, Minister Rositsa Velkova sidestepped the question of whether to retain leadership of the two revenue agencies.

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