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From Google’s infamous slides to stunning buildings such as the Adidas headquarters, many of the world’s largest companies are known for their quirky headquarters.

WellBox We surveyed the headquarters of the most Instagrammable companies in the world and identified the most popular headquarters overall. Google’s headquarters is the world’s most Instagrammable headquarters with about 70,000 hashtags, and Apple’s headquarters, Apple Park, is second with just over 50,000 hashtags. Thirty of the 50 most popular headquarters are in the United States.

The most photographed headquarters on Instagram belongs to Google, with a total of 69,413 hashtags in total. Located in Mountain View, California, Googleplex costs an estimated $ 1 billion to build and features sophisticated buildings, trails, ponds, fountains, multiple sand volleyball courts, 18 cafeterias, and two swimming pools.

The second lag is Apple, which has a total of 51,039 hashtags. Opened in 2017, ApplePark has become known as a “spaceship” due to its circular design and is known to cost as much as $ 5 billion to build. Steve Jobs wanted the campus to look like a nature reserve rather than a regular business park. He did this by making 80% of the site green.

Apple Park, Cupertino, California, USA
Photo courtesy of Droneandy

The third is Meta’s headquarters, formerly known as Facebook, with a total of 30,056 hashtags. With a cost of building a 430,000-square-foot campus of over $ 1 billion, it was designed with a focus on creating a social environment with glass walls, open rooms, and ample green space.

Fourth is Amazon HQ with a total of 24,110 hashtags, and completing the top five is Nike’s headquarters with a total of 17,985 hashtags.

Closing the top ten is BMW’s headquarters with 4,458 hashtags. Headquarters is recognized as one of the most unique offices in the world, with its main structure resembling an engine piston.

BMW Headquarters, Munich, Germany
Photo provider: Atosan spokesman Aoife Lynch said:Employee well-being is an important determinant of the success of the workforce. Thousands of people admit that they have more mental health problems than usual as a result of the isolation caused by blockades and telecommuting policies. Going to work reduces the sense of isolation of employees and separates work and family life. “..

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Headquarters of the most Instagram-enabled companies:




Total number of HQ hashtags



Mountain View, California




Cupertino, California



Facebook / Meta

Menlo Park, California




Seattle, Washington




Beaverton, Oregon



Hearst Communications

Manhattan, New York City



Bank of China

Beijing, China




Menlo Park, California




Herzogenaurach, Germany




Munich, Germany

4,458 Headquarters of the most popular companies according to social media – Romanian Journal

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