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Health club, salon worker sighs relief

Ben Garcia

Kuwait: Workers at health clubs, salons and hairdressers thank the Cabinet’s decision to allow them to continue their activities as the number of cases of coronavirus increases in the country. did. Workers usually deal directly with customers, so these sectors are closed first. This time, however, they escaped. The Cabinet has only advised that visitors to salons, hairdressers and health clubs must be fully vaccinated.

“From January 1st, if the authorities closed the business again, I was really thinking about the next move,” said Bonn, Salmiya’s health spa manager. “It’s been back to normal for the first time in a while. If they get confused again, I don’t know what to do, because if we’re not working, our company won’t pay our salary. So now I can sleep well, thank God, “he said.

With the highest number of coronavirus cases exceeding 4,000 per day, the Cabinet reduced attendance of public sector employees by up to 50%, called on the private sector to reduce office staff, and more. I have imposed restrictions on. According to the Cabinet, meetings, conferences and training courses can only be held online from today. The Cabinet has also decided that public transport passengers should not exceed 50 percent, especially with strict health conditions wearing face masks.

Calling, who works at a Salmiya salon, said relief is the way she now explains her feelings. “I’m very happy. To be honest, I didn’t expect a favorable decision from the Cabinet because I’m in direct contact with customers. But it’s great to get us to work. I love you. I need this job to support people, “she said.

Meanwhile, some public transport commuters also thanked the Cabinet. “We all expected the government to stop public transport to control the coronavirus. Thank God they didn’t. There is still public transport and we get on the bus. You can get in and out of work, “said Melolei, a commuter who works at Avenues Mall and lives in Farwaniya. “I go by bus every day. It’s cheap and saves money. My company offers KD30 for transportation, but I don’t use a taxi. I use a bus, so I have to pay for transportation. You can save half, “she said.

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