Health Ministers say large-scale events that the government isn’t happy with can take place safely – Eye Witness News

Dr. Michael Durville, Minister of Health, Nassau, Bahamas, said yesterday that the government is pleased that the larger event in the Bahamas will take place safely.

The statement was released later this month when the Ministry of Health approved two social events, including a road march scheduled for 500 people.

Last week, Darville expressed concern that coronavirus cases would double in the last two weeks, saying health experts are monitoring the data, including its impact on post-concert infections.

Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Michael Durville Talks to Media Prior to Cabinet

At the time, Mr Durville said officials were concerned, but so far there was no need to tighten the restrictions.

Yesterday, the Minister of Health asked about concerns surrounding larger events approved in the growing number of cases and the threat of additional COVID subvariants detected in the United States and other jurisdictions. Derville told the media:

Prior to the cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Durville said, “I feel comfortable at this particular time that this kind of event may take place in the country.”

“But we ask everyone who participates and those who are planners to make sure that all the protocols of the Ministry of Health are observed.”

On the road march, Darville said he had read a letter seeking approval from 500 people, along with all health protocols. Among the health measures to mitigate the spread of the virus, vaccination or prompt testing should be done 72 hours before the event.

He said that if the planner intends to change the number of attendees, he must seek approval.

“We are always concerned,” Darville said of the BA2 and BA4 variants.

“COVID is very unpredictable. It’s a pandemic. We’re still in a pandemic. We want to explore other sectors of the business community. Events are monitored very carefully by us. It’s one of the concerns I’m having. I’m comfortable seeing not only inpatients, but also those who are finally hospitalized as we are in a relatively good position at the ICU level. “

He added: “But we need to be aware that we’re still in a pandemic, so we decided at the Ministry of Health that the event is now back at the table.

“This is an essential economic engine sector for creating employment opportunities, and we keep in mind that the organizers of these events are responsible for ensuring compliance with healthcare protocols.”

An additional 19 cases were recorded in New Providence on Monday, 6 of which were imported.

There are 215 active cases, 7 of which remain hospitalized but have not received intensive care.

Data collected from the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard show that 42 cases were recorded between A.October 16th compared to 87 cases from April 17th to 23rd..

This represents a doubling of COVID cases.

From April 24th to May 1st last week, 94 COVID cases occurred. Health Ministers say large-scale events that the government isn’t happy with can take place safely – Eye Witness News

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