Healthcare professionals secure women to the ground and force Covid tests

Officials in Shanghai and Beijing have warned of an increase in COVID-19 infections in the city, indicating that prolonged blockades have left local residents in a terrible living environment for the past few months. Many videos have been released.

A video of a man pinning a woman while she’s doing a Covid test has been talked about on Twitter. While she is still lying on her back, the man restrains the woman while she is forced to open her mouth for the COVID-19 test performed by wiping her mouth. Many people use social media to express their dissatisfaction with the behavior shown in the video.

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In another Weibo video, healthcare staff are breaking into an old man’s house to perform the necessary COVID-19 tests.

According to China Central Television, residents of Shanghai were mistakenly taken to the morgue of the city’s New Choshu Azuma Hospital in Putuo, while the victims were still aware.

More than a month after the blockade of Shanghai, the city administration has been accused of dealing with the epidemic. The death toll was underreported and there were allegations that the victims did not receive adequate medical care.

People in Shanghai have called for improved medical care and increased access to key supplies since the city was closed on March 1. Most residents of the country’s largest cities and financial hubs have been trapped in their homes for over a month. Healthcare professionals secure women to the ground and force Covid tests

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