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The nurse gives the patient in the hospital a glass of water.

The new alliance for thermal protection presented a corresponding model plan in the capital on Monday. Peter Bobart, president of the Berlin Medical Association, said on Monday that it was important to act swiftly and do much more than before. The alliance also includes the German Climate Change and Health Alliance (Klug) and the Senate’s Science, Health, Care and Equality departments. Unfortunately, Berlin and the national health system are not yet well prepared, Bobart said.

“Health catastrophe” warning

The thermal protection plan addresses many aspects. For example, training for heat-related illnesses and storing temperature-appropriate medicines. Some are “banned”, such as having enough water in the ward, according to Bobart. There are also steps that take longer, such as remodeling a building. The doctor warned: “If we continue, we will really end up in a health catastrophe.

Heat waves may increase

Berlin Health Senator Ulrike Gote recalled a drought and wildfire in the neighboring Brandenburg over the past hot weekends. “The climate crisis is a reality in Germany and a reality in Berlin,” said Green’s politician. An increase in heat waves is expected. Nevertheless, its purpose is to ensure that the city remains a worthy place to live.

Heat the biggest natural disaster in Germany

Few know that heat is by far the top of the deadly natural disasters in Germany, said Martin Herrmann, CEO of Krug. He referred to data from the German Disaster Management Commission, which assigned 96% of them to the extreme heat category between 1990 and 2020.

Elderly people and previously ill people who are especially at risk

Herman said that death from heat is a silent death and the connection is complicated.そして彼は、「計画だけでは人を救うことはできない。必要なのは俳優が一緒に責任を取ることだ」と認めた。 “It is no longer acceptable to be exposed to a big danger without being ready,” said Bovat. It is a specific danger for people with a history of illness, pregnant women, toddlers, and those who work outdoors.高齢者や既往症の人、特に一人暮らしの人にとっては、「熱波は生命を脅かすものです」。

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Date of issue: June 20, 2022

Last updated: June 20, 2022

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