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Rīgas siltums JSC (RS) plans to double heating tariffs in the Latvian capital on October 2nd.

The biggest change will be an increase of 118% in the heating of the energy-producing components. From August 15, 2023, a small reduction of €0.51 is planned.

The final price for heating energy will increase from the current 85.45 EUR/MWh to 170.59 EUR/MWh (excluding VAT).

“The increase in existing heating energy rates is related to sharp increases in the price of natural gas and procured heating energy,” RS explained of the rate changes.

As previously reported, on September 1, the Public Utilities Commission (SPRK) announced it had approved new heating energy tariffs for Latvenergo TEC-1 and TEC-2. This will be much higher than the existing one. These charges have a significant impact on the RS heating charges.

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Latvenergo TEC-1 and TEC-1 provide an average of about 45% of the total RS heating energy provided to users each heating season.

The remaining thermal energy will be generated by RS using both natural gas and biomass (wood chips) and by independent thermal energy producers primarily using wood chips. Heating bills set to double in Riga – Baltic News Network

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