Help Ukrainian children by donating to a collection of school supplies

Behind this great initiative is the association Soleil Royal 06, headed by Laurent Castex.

Schoolbags, pencil cases, notebooks… As the principality’s pupils prepare to return to school on Monday 5 September and their shopping carts are filled with school supplies, the Soleil Royal 06 Association has decided to supply these same supplies for Ukrainian children. are collecting. The aim is to enable you to continue learning even under the most difficult circumstances.

Until September 12th, donations can be made by submitting donations at any of the Principality’s three collection points. The first is in the Aldo shop (in the Fontvieille shopping center), the second is in Pharmacie du Rocher and the third is in Pharmacie du Rocher. At the Oldent restaurant in Beausoleil.

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according to monaco matane, Palette will depart on September 22, heading for the Ukrainian-Slovak border. To contribute to the transportation costs of these pallets, donate money by sending a check issued to the “Association Soleil Royal 06” to Soleil Royal 06, 262 Avenue des Mimosas, Résidence du Midi, 06190 Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. We also welcome donations.

As the president of the association, Laurent Kastex, reminded us on social media, these donations are for children still in Ukraine. She helps children (about 600) in her two camps in the western part of the country. Parents who stayed east to fight preferred to keep their children in the west rather than in the basement for safety. I would like to make it clear that I am helping poor people who never had the chance or did not want to leave their country. You don’t have to explain to me in your message that Ukrainians here have luxury cars. There are many in my neighborhood. That is why I am making it clear that I am helping children from disadvantaged families who did not want to be victims of war. Thank you to everyone who has supported us since the beginning. “ Help Ukrainian children by donating to a collection of school supplies

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