Hemsedal: Alpine skiing village in the center of Norway

Norwegian Hemsedal is known as a popular ski resort throughout Europe. Here’s what you need to know about a small town at any time of the year you visit:

Located halfway between Oslo and Bergen, Hemsedal is a fascinating weekend ski destination for people across Norway and beyond. When the snow is gone, we may do it in the area.

Hemsedal Valley in Norway.

Hemsedal is best known as one of Norway’s places The best ski resort.. With 21 lifts and 53 slopes covering all difficulty levels, Hemsedal as a ski resort has done a lot in the very long season of a typical year.

Where is Hemsedal?

The mountain community is approximately halfway between Norway’s two largest cities, 220 km from Oslo and 273 km from Bergen. Looking at the map, it is in the very center of Norway.

Although it is located far from the main Norwegian cities, you can reach Hemsedar by public transport. Gol station is on the train from Oslo to Bergen. A public bus timed from Gol to the train will take passengers to Hemsedal in about 40 minutes.

Alternatively, coach transport is available from both Oslo and Bergen. In winter, you can take a direct bus from Oslo Airport.

Hemsedal Ski Center

The ski resort of Hemsedal, which is the second largest ski resort after Trishula, is its main attraction. Often rated as the best in Norway, Hemsedal is often referred to as the “Scandinavian Alps” and is well known for its high mountains and alpine atmosphere.

Hemsedal slope.
Hemsedal slope.

But beginners and inexperienced people should not scare them with the size of the mountains! Hemsedal has a wide variety of runways, including many green runways suitable for new skiers.

Experienced skiers are also well-suited. Freeride skiing in the woods and on pristine hillsides attracts many who seek challenges.

The resort is also perfect for those who want to try it off the slopes for the first time. “The terrain is very tolerant and most of the off-piste area is close to a well-maintained track,” he said. Snow magazine..

snow board

Although a variety of alpine skis are offered, Hemsedar is arguably the best known among snowboarders.


“This terrain appeals to all standards, is a 40 km ready slope for free riders to carve out, and is ideal for beginners. Free stylers can enjoy one of the best parks in Europe. There are many backcountry routes that are possible and accessible. ” World Snowboard Guide..

The main lift is about a 30-minute walk from downtown, but a free shuttle bus runs regularly throughout the day. Especially if you have a blue run that ends in the center of the village, you will appreciate it!

Hemsedar winter activities

What else do you have to do in Hemsedar during the winter? Let’s take a look.

Apress key: Norway is not generally known for nightlife, but Hemsedal after-skis are often comparable to European resorts.Nevertheless, it says it “lacks a macho ski culture” Telegraph..

Dog sledding in Hemsedal, Norway.
Dog sledding in Hemsedar.

Dog sledding: A daily 3-hour dog sledding tour is one of Hemsedal’s most popular non-skiing winter activities. Adults can drive their own sleds or relax and enjoy the ride, even if they have no experience. Toddlers can also ride together.

“It’s a team effort between people and dogs. Everyone is amazed at their power,” said Johann Müller. Hemsedal Husky..

Sledding, winter riding, sledding with horses, Cross-country skiing There is more to do in winter.

Summer hem cedar

Although quiet, Hemsedar is still a popular place to visit in the summer.The mountain landscape turns green and offers some Great hiking opportunity..

Norwegian Hemsedal Municipality
Hiking in and around Hemsedal.

The Top 20 The hiking program details 20 hikes of various difficulties, from family walks to all-day challenges.

Hemsedal Valley hides some Beautiful waterfall It reveals their beauty in the summer. The most famous Rjukandefossen is a short drive from the village. Watch out for Andrealin Junkie, who tries out ziplines and cliffs that dive into cold water while balancing on a tightrope waterfall.

In the summer, you can enjoy cycling, fishing, river snorkeling and via ferrata.

Where to stay in Hemsedar

As the best ski destination, Hemsedar is home to a great range of accommodation due to its small size. From luxury hotels and self-catering apartments to simple slopeside cabins.

The center of Hemsedal, Norway.
The center of Hemsedal.

Those who want a social experience need to consider trendy Phili ResortPopular with couples and enthusiastic skiers. It has indoor and outdoor heated pools, multiple dining options, and an alpine resort design that is far more upscale than traditional Scandinavian.

Close to the slopes, Skarsnuten Hotel It offers spacious rooms and apartments, a sauna and gym, and of course a late-night bar. Hemsedal: Alpine skiing village in the center of Norway

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