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Here are three successful viral campaigns for inspiration

The dream of all marketers is to spread the content by word of mouth. Not only can you increase sales, but you can also increase brand recall, awareness, and awareness. There are no rules on how to make your content viral, but there are some tips and tricks to increase your chances. You cannot force a virus campaign. They are done organically and are the result of connecting with the viewer at the individual level. If you are timely, relevant, authentic, and have a bit of personality, uniqueness, and good storytelling, your chances of success are much higher. Here are three of my favorite campaigns that show exactly how to do it.

Apple’s #Shotoniphone Campaign
Apple launched the #ShotOniPhone campaign on Instagram in March 2015, but no one could predict the durability and widespread success of the campaign. The campaign encourages users to showcase their iPhone’s camera features via hashtags, with the best images appearing on Apple’s Instagram account, its website, and billboards around the world. Even today, in 2022, hashtags are becoming more popular and stronger, with more than 23.4 million posts to date, showing no signs of decline. Apple is also able to take advantage of the popularity of User Generated Content (UGC) through the #ShotOniPhone hashtag and continues to encourage people to share their photos and experiences. It’s behind a simple hashtag with a simpler premise. A good UGC campaign is one of the most cost-effective and strategic ways to ensure brand awareness and maintain a continuous roster of content without investing in its creation. It’s one of Apple’s most successful viral campaigns, demonstrating the longevity of a campaign that truly connects with your audience.

Wheatavix and baked beans
Weetabix caused a national uproar when it suggested that there was a new way to eat breakfast. A post from Weetabix’s Twitter account with an image of Heinz baked beans covered with Weetabix with the following caption: We offer @HeinzUKBeanz at bix for breakfast with a twist. ” The genius of this campaign is the fact that everyone had an opinion, and arguably not because of such a polarized debate about pizza pineapple. Even Piers Morgan tried it live on the trend. With over 131,000 likes and 68,000 retweets, even those who didn’t know about breakfast cereals noticed the controversy, demonstrating the tremendous power of the brand’s own viral campaign.

KFC Tagline Campaign
During Covid-19, KFC’s slogan “Fingerlickin’good” was scrutinized as insensitive to the needs of the times. However, KFC South Africa’s social media team has turned a difficult situation into gold marketing by adopting a unique and humorous approach. They decided to “rent” taglines from other brands, such as using Red Bull’s famous tagline “Gives You Wings” under a KFC bucket. chicken. By tagging brands that the team is “borrowing” the tagline, KFC has ensured that the conversation continues while engaging in promotions between brands. Most importantly, this strategy has made the brand come to mind with its humor, not for any other reason. KFC also went a step further with the hashtag #UntilWeCanFingerLickAgain, asking followers to suggest which other slogans were most effective, leading to many funny and ridiculous comments. This has given momentum and vibrancy to the already successful viral campaigns.

Zaib Shadani is the founder and managing director of Shadani Consulting, a public relations and video production agency.

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