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Here’s how the HP ProBook 650 G8 meets the needs of Saudi Arabian companies.

Known as one of the most reliable brands, HP laptops are well suited for high-end processing tasks such as gaming and basic computing tasks required by businesses of all sizes.

Through a wide range of laptops and notebooks, the company helps businesses operate with higher safety standards while providing the best performance and compatibility.

HP recently released a new SKU: HP ProBook 650 G8 (3S8P1EA) for the Saudi Arabian market. This feature meets the business needs of the Kingdom, especially at an affordable price. It has a high-performance design and other useful business-oriented features.

Design and display
The HP ProBook 650 G8 is a lightweight, portable laptop designed for security, flexibility, and reliability. It features a small but sturdy aluminum chassis, an 80% screen-to-body ratio, and a spill-resistant keyboard.

Equipped with the latest Intel® Core ™ i7 processor and up to 64GB of RAM, it features robust graphics, fast memory, and longer battery life.

The ProBook’s 14-inch diagonal full high-definition (1920 x 1080) display produces crisp visuals. Touch and low power options are also available. In addition, the ambient light sensor allows you to seamlessly switch from a dark workspace to a bright workspace.

The laptop weighs only 1.37 kg and easily fits in the smallest backpack.

High definition touch screen guarantees your privacy
The HP ProBook 650G8 Intel® Core ™ i7 processor features a high-resolution Full HD screen and provides touch input to make it easier to handle and give you more choice and flexibility at work. But perhaps the most important feature is that the screen supports the HP Sure View feature. This feature provides a significant level of privacy, especially for computer use in public places.

Sure View technology allows you to completely darken your screen so that it is invisible to anyone looking from the edge. This feature is intended to improve privacy in coworking spaces, coffee shops, and places where you don’t want others to see your screen. You can also disable this feature to view the screen from any angle.

Video conference function
The ProBook comes with an optional ultra-bright 1,000 knit display, perfect for video conferencing. It also includes AI-based audio tailored to each individual’s hearing abilities. As a result, video and audio conversations are crisp and clear, thanks to advanced technologies such as HP noise reduction cancellation, powerful speakers, and world-class microphones.

Advanced protection technology for better security
HP has announced a next-generation ProBook laptop with some additional security measures.

The HP ProBook 650G8 Intel® Core ™ i7 processor supports HP WolfSecurity technology, which provides biometric fingerprint locking and website coverage, as well as continuous execution and lifelong protection in a variety of ways, including self-healing. .. Software, intrusion detection, quarantine and repair, and business recovery with remote work and incidents.

HP security products are extremely useful for small and medium-sized organizations with a limited number of IT staff. The ProBook enhances protection and reduces the hassle of dealing with it. It also provides application isolation technology to reduce the potential for malware intrusion.

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https://gulfbusiness.com/heres-how-hp-probook-650-g8-is-meeting-the-needs-of-businesses-in-saudi-arabia/ Here’s how the HP ProBook 650 G8 meets the needs of Saudi Arabian companies.

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