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Hibatawaji begins returning to the event in Malaya, Alura

Saudi Arabia, Arla Lebanese star Hiba Tawaji will be performing live in Alura on Friday, October 29, 2021 to commemorate the return of music and events to Malaya before the pandemic.

Lebanese renowned singer, actor and director Hiba has a huge regional and international fan base, performing on many prestigious stages around the world.

Hiba also rekindled the music that loved the Saudi audience in 2017 and enjoyed the joy of being the first female singer to bring the music back to the kingdom’s live stage.

Hiba, who visited Alura for the first time, captivates the audience with a long repertoire of 14-year-old Arabic and non-Arabic music.

At the kick-off of the event season at AlUla, a popular singer, accompanied by 53 international musicians from around the world, along with the dazzling rhythm of acclaimed composer, musician and producer Oussama Rahbani, is ancient. Resonate in the stunning Ashar Valley of the desert city of.

Due to the declining COVID safe capacity of concerts, tickets are expected to sell out quickly among fans and music lovers in the Kingdom and the wider MENA region.

As Saudi Arabia continues to reopen, live music concerts are returning to the Lesser Wing, among other major cultural and artistic events.

More concerts and cultural events will be held at AlUla in the coming weeks and months as part of the recently announced AlUla Moments event calendar.

Malaya was last used for a musical event in March 2020 when it hosted Lionel Richie and the Persian Night Trio of regional performers in the winter of Tantra.

He is also the organizer of well-known events such as the 41st Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit and the Nobel Prize Winners Award 2020.

The venue was further strengthened in 2020, and British chef Jason Atherton, now highly regarded as the home of the rooftop restaurant Maraya Social, officially unveiled on October 27, at the perfect time for Maraya’s first concert in 2021. To do.

Hiba will be the first artist in a series of exciting regional and international artists to perform as part of the AlUla Moments calendar in 2021.

Hiba said, “I always wanted to play in Alura, which has such a history and creative heritage.

“Singing in Malaya is a great honor. We had to think carefully about this performance in order to do justice for our destination and venue. This will be a special event.”

Participants do not require a COVID-19 test, but all appropriate health and safety measures and national health regulations are enforced. — SG

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