High Court upholds Jansha’s suspended sentence by insulting tweets

Ljubljana-Celje High Court on Tuesday for three months with one year of probation for retiring Prime Minister Janez Janša for calling the two journalists “washed out prostitutes” in a 2016 tweet Supported the imprisonment of. The verdict is final, but Jansha’s lawyer has issued an appeal in the Supreme Court.

The decision made one day before the proceedings were banned supports the February ruling of the Celje District Court in a retrial based on the successful appeal by Jansha, who was not in court today.

Jansha, the leader of the largest opposition party at the time, tweeted in March 2016. One is 30 euros and the other is 35 euros. # PimpMilan “.

TV Slovenija reporters Mojca Šetinc Pašek and Eugenija Carl have filed defamation proceedings, both criminal and civil, respectively.

The case is statutory, following the conundrum of the appeal (for example, Jansha filed the final appeal on the last day possible) and other administrative delays, including repeated unsuccessful attempts by the court to serve Jansha. I got on the track of being banned.

In a series of events after it seemed that Janša was not subpoenaed, the Celje High Court claimed today that Janša’s lawyer, Franci Matos’s client, was familiar with the matter. We have decided to announce the verdict.

Judge Andrew Pavlina said today that Janša, who also had to pay court costs, tweeted a political, crude and sexist statement. Therefore, the court dismissed the appeal against the lower court’s decision and finalized the verdict.

But Matos today claimed that the district court violated the criminal law and that the judge’s committee was unfair. He argued that the tweet in question could not conclude which reporter was specifically mentioned.

In addition, Mr. Matos, who disagreed with the High Court’s view that the tweet was offensive, said Jansha did not receive his email and that the delay in the procedure was fake news.

“The first revocation was due to apparent irregularities in the appointment of the jury, which extended the case for two years. We do not agree that the proceedings are legally banned. It wasn’t our intention. We wanted a decision on the proposal, and now we will file a proceeding with the Supreme Court … we are confident that we will ultimately succeed. “He said.

Meanwhile, Judge Zinka Strašek explained that several attempts were made to serve Janša in a subpoena of appeals through a detective, but with no success.

Therefore, the judge first adopted the decision not to hold a session today. She added that the judge overturned her original decision and held an appeal session anyway when Matos said she had personally informed Jansha that today’s appeal session would take place.

Šetinc Pašek, who has been an MP since then, is pleased today that the High Court was able to conclude the case in a very short time. She expected Jansha to be guilty, saying she hated, ugly, and insulted tweets. “Such offensive tweets are unacceptable in our society,” she added.

The Supreme Court has already adopted a ruling in this case regarding a civil case in which the District Court of Berenier and the High Court of Zerie ordered Jansha to pay damages of € 6,000 to Shetink and Karl.

Argued separately and in a slightly different panel, it upheld Jansha’s appeal in 2020 when Shetink was concerned, but rejected it in 2021 in the case of Karl. High Court upholds Jansha’s suspended sentence by insulting tweets

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