High Pressure Hannibal Bringing Real Heat Waves for the First Time of the Year-English

(ANSA)-May 13 Rome-Africa Anticyclone Hannibal will bring to Italy the first real heat wave of the year, peaking this weekend to Tuesday, forecasters said Friday.
Italy is already eight degrees above the seasonal average and heat waves are set to bring about the peaks more commonly seen in July, said Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the website increase.
The current camel’s back-African anticyclone (also known as Hannibal) is “strengthened beyond the Central Mediterranean and extends north to Poland and Denmark,” Sano said.
Especially in Northern Italy, he said temperatures well above 32-33 ° C, but heat will spread to the center and south on weekends.
According to Sano, when the sea is hot in August, this weather composition is at temperatures between 37 and 39 ° C.
However, at this point, the temperature has eased as the Mediterranean coast is still relatively cool, around 20-22 ° C.
A short moment of cool afternoon rest is predicted locally in the Po Valley, with scattered thunderstorms, as it happens in the weekend Alps and in the middle of summer.
Heat waves bring a sultry and breathtaking “afa” condition to most of the country.
The detailed forecast is as follows. -Friday 13: North: It’s a sunny, summery heart, but there’s an afternoon thunderstorm in the Trivenet Alps. Center: Fine weather, heat. South: Sunny or slightly cloudy.
-Saturday 14: North: Showers early in Trivenet and Lombardy, improving from the afternoon. Center: It’s fine and hot.
Minami: It’s fine and hot.
-Sunday 15: North: Sunny and summer heat, but from the Alps to the adjacent plains there is an isolated thunderstorm that is likely to be northwest. Center: A fine, hot, isolated shower on a hill in Abruzzo. Minami: It’s fine and hot.
-Tendency: Domination of Anticyclone Hannibal. Africa’s high pressures will further increase temperatures, mostly in sunny conditions, until at least mid-next week. (ANSA).

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