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Himansh Kohli takes a long vacation between projects whenever there is a window

Mumbai: Actor Himanshu Kohli likes both summer and winter. But he loves winter. During this season, you can layer heavy clothes that you can’t even dare to wear during the summer.

“Also, I’m a hot drinker and I enjoy the most during the winter. Therefore, I win a few points in the cold season. Also, I think Mumbai will be an ideal place for the better weather in the winter. But I like the harsh weather, and I’m glad I was shooting “Boon Delighter” in Deladun this winter. I love winter because everything is a little cozy this season, “says the actor Yaariyan.

For Himanche, London is a place during the winter. “I also like staying at my home in Dubai this season. It’s really beautiful. I feel most comfortable there because it’s my second home. In India, mountains like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh I love visiting places. I voluntarily plan with friends and family and head to these places, “he says.

People in the entertainment industry rarely take long vacations. “Therefore, I take as many short breaks as possible, and I’m working or sharpened because I see my work as the most enjoyable part of the day. I don’t feel like that. Whenever there is a window, I take a long break between projects, “adds the actor.

And what do you like to eat during the winter? “I love all winter food, but my favorite is to plumb the hot Gajar Casserole halva that my mother made. Whenever someone comes from Delhi, my mother is for me He sends me a casserole full of halva. I also love Kesaria Malaidoudo and I love to drink after hot winter coffee, “he says.

https://www.siasat.com/himansh-kohli-takes-long-holidays-between-projects-whenever-there-is-a-window-2248510/ Himansh Kohli takes a long vacation between projects whenever there is a window

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