Hindu costumes show support for Navenito, Lavirana

Several Hindu organizations in London support the quote of “Hanumancharisa” and say they have accused various Indian state governments of arresting believers, including Maharashtra. MPNavneet Rana and her MLA husband Ravi Rana..

To assist the Lana couple and others, London’s Indian Diaspora will describe Hanuman Charisa at 2:00 pm BST on Monday.

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“British Sanatana, including the Reach India UK Chapter, is united for a public recital of Shri Hanuman Charisa Pass. The purpose of this auspicious event is for individuals and groups who want to interfere with and prevent Hanuman Charisa’s recital. Ramayana in different parts of India will not interfere with our basic right of followers of Sana Tan Dharma to practice our Dharma. ” ..

They also criticized the Maharashtra government of Mahavikas Agadi and various other groups and expanded their support for the Lana couple.

“The Maharashtra state government needs to be aware that the British Sanatani Diaspora is watching along with Sanatanis around the world, and we are united,” the statement said. Hindu costumes show support for Navenito, Lavirana

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