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Hindu females refuse to file false proceedings against Islamic men: Report

Meerut: A few months ago, many media houses reported that Muslim men harassed Hindu women in the Meerut market. But now that claim turns out to be false.

Scroll reported that women and their families refused to file false proceedings against men, despite pressure from Hindutva organizations.

What was previously reported?

According to many media reports, a man molested a woman while she was drinking a cold drink with a friend. It is also said that a woman caught the man and beat him with slippers before a Hindu Jaglan Munch man joined her and beat the accused Salman.

One of the reports also claims that Muslim men regularly harass Hindu women in the market.

Female statement

But when a Bajuran Dal worker came and asked for his name, the woman said she and her friends were drinking cold drinks with Salman. When they learned that the man’s name was “Salman,” they forced her to hit him with slippers.

When Scroll contacted the family, the female mother said, “I can’t read or write. They used it by leveling false allegations of complaints and giving it the impression of my thumb.” She added that she clearly stated at the police station that she was not dissatisfied with the man.

She talked about what happened after the market incident and said Hindu Juglan Munch tried to call and pressure a female brother working in Punjab.

As a result of the phone call, the female brother began to blame her mother for giving her sister too much freedom.

Meanwhile, Salman’s family, especially his mother, fears he may be involved in another incident. His mother wants him to go to the city and live with his brother.

Thanks to the women who told the truth, Salman said their remarks saved him.

https://www.siasat.com/hindu-woman-refuses-to-file-false-case-against-muslim-man-report-2262890/ Hindu females refuse to file false proceedings against Islamic men: Report

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