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Hindu right-wing villains confuse Gurgaon’s Christmas prayers

After weeks of confusing catfish, Gurgaron, A Hindu right-wing group broke into the church on Christmas Eve, confusing the celebration.

The Hindutva villains, who chanted the slogans “Jai Shri Ram” and “Bharat Mataki Jai,” broke into the church grounds in Pataudi, Haryana on Friday night, disrupting the Christmas festival. The video of the episode is rounding on social media, and you can see members of the choir pushing down the stage and stealing the microphone.

A local minister told PTI: The inconvenience is increasing day by day. It is a violation of our prayer and religious rights. Pataudi Stationhouse Officer Amit Kumar said police have not received any complaints so far.

Hindu right-wing forces have targeted minority worship sites and have hampered peaceful prayers and festivals.

Haryana has witnessed attacks on Muslims for several weeks in a row, Christmas is imminent, and Christian religions and educational institutions are on the radar of Hindutva’s rogues.

Friday catfish Confused Right-wing “activists” threatened Muslims to pray in open spaces, including those designated for that purpose, for several weeks in a row, and the Prime Minister of Qatar Manohalal withdrew his permit. .. ..

In opposition by several Hindu groups to the Islamic Friday Prayer held in Gurgram, CM Khattar told the Legislature on Tuesday that “all community members pray religiously in public places. It shouldn’t be. “

“People of all faiths pray in designated religious places such as temples, mosques, Gurdwara, churches, etc., and permission is given to all large festivals and programs that are open to the public,” Khattar said. , Nuh Congress MLA Aftab Ahmed is a Hindu group during the Zero Hour of the house.

(There is input from PTI)

https://www.siasat.com/hindu-right-wing-goons-disrupt-christmas-prayers-in-gurugram-2247652/ Hindu right-wing villains confuse Gurgaon’s Christmas prayers

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