‘Historic breakthrough’ as ​​France agrees to Iberian energy interconnection

New project named ‘Green Energy Corridor’

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa hailed a “historic breakthrough” today as France finally agreed to the Iberian interconnection of gas and electricity.

The Prime Minister told reporters arriving at the European Council in Brussels that an agreement had been reached at its meeting this morning. Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez When French President Macron.

“Today we agreed to completely overcome the old project, the so-called MidCat pipeline, and create a new one. green energy corridor, Complements the interconnection between Portugal and Spain. Between Celorico da Beira and Zamoraand also make Connections with Spain and the rest of Europe, connecting Barcelona and Marseille At sea,” said Mr. Costa.

The essence of the corridor is “a pipeline dedicated to ‘green’ hydrogen and other renewable gases, but which can be used to transport natural gas up to a certain amount on an interim basis.”

In addition to this, “the electrical interconnection will also be strengthened.”

Now, ‘from a technical point of view’, we need to get the details right when it comes to European funding. That is, to discover what the European Commission might assign to the project.

“Good news,” the prime minister smiled. Who is determined to change France’s previous “no way” stance on this?“One of Europe’s oldest blockages has been overcome. Portugal and Spain are making a positive contribution to Europe as a whole, showing that overcoming blockages can help a common spirit of solidarity.” Crisis in the age of energy.

The EU energy crisis is the focus of discussions at the European summit that will continue into tomorrow. It is one of many ideas announced this week by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. ‘Historic breakthrough’ as ​​France agrees to Iberian energy interconnection

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