Historical Youth Agreement to Bring Skill Improvements to Over 250 Million Youth

The Commonwealth is allied with youth organizations around the world on building skills for young people

Kigali, Rwanda – A new era of youth empowerment began today with a historic agreement between the Commonwealth Secretariat and some of the world’s largest youth organizations.

The Memorandum of Understanding outlines the areas of cooperation between partners and outlines them. Federal League for Quality Youth Leadership..

It was signed in (CHOGM) by the Federal Secretary-General, Rt. Book. Head of Patricia Scotland QC and its partners and her representatives.

  • International Award (Prize) of the Duke of Edinburgh
  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
  • Overseas Volunteer Service (VSO)
  • World Young Women’s Christian Association (World YWCA)
  • World Organization of the Scouts (WOSM)
  • World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)
  • World Alliance of the Christian Youth Association (World YMCA).

Together, the organization has already worked with at least 250 million young people and has contributed to the empowerment of more than a billion people in the last century.

This agreement is made when the federal youth outlook is particularly affected by the pandemic. Approximately 60% of the unemployed in the British Federation are young, and millions more are experiencing school education disruptions, making non-formal education and learning even more essential.

This includes a commitment to work together to promote volunteer work. Providing young people with the practical experience needed to compete in the labor market. Create an environment where collaboration and innovation can thrive. We support the development of leadership and useful life skills.

Speak with a signature, Secretary-General of Scotland Said:

“This is a historic moment in youth development in the Commonwealth. I hope that young people will very eloquently outline their vision for sustainable youth-led development in the Commonwealth and that leaders will support them. It came from an intergenerational dialogue that I pledged and answered.

“This alliance was built to help us rethink education and serve young people, so that young people are truly responsible for innovators, changemakers, and their future. You can be confident that you will receive all the practical support you need. “

The organization will work with federal members to directly strengthen the leadership and life skills of millions of young people by 2030.

The specific purposes of the alliance are:

  1. Accelerate youth leadership skills training using non-formal education and learning approaches to reach more than 100 million youth by 2030.
  1. Leverage the great potential and contributions of young people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
  1. Develop a wider range of “soft” or “core” skills, including resilience, teamwork adaptability, problem-solving, decision-making, and communication, to prepare young people for the post-COVID-19 work world. Become.

and statement Issued on the signing date, HRH, Wessex and Forfer Count Prince Edward Said:

“This memorandum represents a statement of intent and willingness by many youth organizations to dramatically improve access to nonformal education and learning for young people across the Commonwealth. As many know. My father, the late Duke of Edinburgh, was a great advocate of such an opportunity and encouraged millions of people to experience personal achievements, yet it has been for years. We need to provide those benefits and their benefits to millions of young people each year. “

The Alliance is one of 26 many concrete achievementsth Rwanda’s CHOGM fulfills the federal commitment to create a future common to all. Historical Youth Agreement to Bring Skill Improvements to Over 250 Million Youth

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