Hit the jackpot on the Seven Seas with Buccaneer Royale slot

Hey bro! If you’re looking for brave adventures, buried treasure, and hearty grog, we’ve got what you need: a month that seems to be full, pirate-themed In search of the ultimate experience, he has kept himself busy sailing the seven seas. And we’re not celebrating toques like we’re pirate days.

Grab your biggest hat and set your course to riches and adventure Buccaneer Royale Slot from Mancala.

sail to victory

Listen here, Skalwag! The compass symbol will move up to 5 times when it lands on the reels in the direction it is pointing. Each position it moves will turn into a wild symbol. The compass disappears after completing the journey, and the prize is paid out.


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The slot has two types of respins. The first can be randomly triggered on non-winning spins where no other feature is triggered. He one of the slot’s reels is re-spinned and has a chance to create winning combinations. The second type of Respins is only triggered by the appearance of the Respins symbol. When triggered, the reel with the symbol on it and the reels to the left and right of it will immediately re-spin.

The slot also has two separate bonus rounds. Collect 75 silver coins to unlock the first. You can then choose to play that bonus round or start collecting gold coins to unlock an upgraded bonus round that costs a total of 150 coins.

Once you have collected 75 silver coins you have the option to continue up to 150 coins or start the current bonus round. If you decide to wait, you will not get another chance to make a decision and will have to wait until the upgraded bonus round is triggered. The first bonus round awards his 10 free spins with all the bonus features of the base game. The upgraded bonus round awards 15 free spins and increases all base game bonus features plus a global he multiplier that applies to all winnings.


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If you don’t want to wait for the Navy to catch up, you can choose to buy shots in one of the bonus rounds.

Is Buccaneer Royale slot drinking water or laden with wealth?

If you’re looking for a pirate-themed game that will blow you away, Buccaneer Royale Slot it’s not for you. That said, it’s a solid little slot. The graphics are okay, but they’ve been enhanced with a few nice animated touches in the background to bring the whole thing to life. Overall, definitely worth a few spins.

Also in slots low volatility, which means you can consistently enjoy smaller wins, guaranteeing a more enjoyable gaming experience than many other slots. Plus, you can bet up to €50 per spin thanks to a multiplier of up to 4,704x. Even if you don’t mind, you can still play for impressive the slot 95% RTP.

If you are looking for other fun slots in Mancala I recommend giving Phantom Thief and portal master try it. Hit the jackpot on the Seven Seas with Buccaneer Royale slot

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