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HMC Performs First Robotic Surgery with GCC in the Middle East-Doha News

The Middle East medical sector has become increasingly dependent on robotic surgery since its introduction in Saudi Arabia in 2003.

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Performed the first robotic surgery to remove a cyst from a patient’s liver and was the first to perform such surgery in the GCC and the Middle East.

On Saturday, the health agency said the six-hour surgery was performed in collaboration with HMC’s robotic surgery and liver surgery departments.

The patient is a middle-aged female Common bile duct cyst Removal. Cysts are caused by cognitive abnormalities at the intersection of the bile duct and pancreatic duct.
The bile duct is responsible for the transport of bile. fluid It is made in the liver, released and stored in the gallbladder.

According to HMC, the patient’s symptoms included sharp abdominal pain and yellowing of the eyes and skin. Her blood tests showed that she suffered from a high rate of jaundice requiring her abdominal ultrasonography and MRI scan.

“More likely” reinfection by Omicron

“An interdisciplinary team of doctors, consultants, anesthesia and nursing professionals has decided to perform rapid surgical intervention to remove the cyst and successfully reroute the bile duct,” said HMC’s robot. Dr. Honey Atara, Director of Surgery, said.

The Da Vinci robot was used in patients described by Dr. Atara as rare to avoid complications that may occur in routine surgery.

“”[Traditional surgeries] The abdomen should be cut 17-20 cm, but robot intervention requires 6 small size incisions. This is one of the benefits of robotic surgery, in addition to reducing surgery time to 6 hours, “explains Dr. Atalah.

According to doctors, the patient’s condition returned to normal within 3 days, but conventional surgery required a recovery period of at least 1 week.

“Robot surgery also provides doctors with accurate and easy access, allowing the surgeon to control the robot through the screen. The robot executes instructions from the surgeon via a controller,” HMC said. Officials have stated.

The HMC described it as a “surgical milestone” when the country invested in health care and strengthened the health sector by using the latest technology.

The Middle East has witnessed the growth of robot-assisted surgery as the global medical sector advances medical procedures.

Saudi Arabia It was the first country to introduce robotic surgery in the region in 2003.

In 2010, Qatar established the Robotic Surgery Center (QRSC). At this center, doctors and nurses are trained on new surgical approaches.

later, 2018Sidra Medicine, Qatar, has launched a pediatric robotic surgery program to better assist pediatric patients across the country and region. This program is the first in the Middle East.

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