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Hoda A. Alkhzaimi, Emirates Digital Association for Women

In the areas of emerging technologies and advanced manufacturing, 2021 is a year of transformation with a focus on the creation of digital assets. According to UNCTAD’s Technology and Innovation Report 2021, Frontier Technology already occupies a $ 350 billion market and is expected to reach $ 3.2 trillion by 2025. This is subdivided into a surge in investment in sensors, IoT-based sectors, AI, robots, and big data. Develop human-influenced initiatives while achieving sustainable development goals, not just data.

When forecasting the direction of industry growth next year and the next decade, we need to be aware of the long-term impact of general and industry-specific trends in order to achieve a sustainable global. need. The pandemic has reorganized its economic priorities to create local and nationalized assets and foster global alliances and investments for national and international organizations. The result is a new investment model for the development sector to improve people’s lives.

It transcends the quantum by reshaping the future of next-generation process automation solutions within the IoT platform, visualization technologies that create twin realities in the digital space of various physical assets, and satellite connections for 5G and constellations. It goes beyond the current focus of developing next-generation computing. Computing dedicated to power and neuromorphic chips.

In reality, we focus on the concept of bio-enhancing, bio-revolutionary computers based on sophisticated generation nanoparticles, and the world focuses on cyclical and sustainable technologies that promote human prosperity at all levels. To match. This includes a renewable energy fusion and storage facility trading platform. When it comes to data governance and computing choices, we are moving towards user-centric technologies that enable users to become decision makers. This technology allows users to block analytics and customize and monetize shared data through digital data trading platforms that provide financial independence to these users. Regarding the direction of strategic leadership in the economic environment of major technology industries, the emphasis is on the full use of diversity and inclusion policies to enable good talent integration.

However, it is important to keep in mind that paying close attention to these behaviors should not create additional hurdles for women to gain leadership positions in their field. We continue to focus on improving the quality of advocacy, support systems and frameworks, building to create quality and fair opportunities for women to lead and compete within this portfolio of technology industries.

Given the current state of the digital sector, which focuses on eliminating prejudice and promoting equitable access to opportunities, the global call we are making now is influential global and local. We need to work on establishing an ecosystem. This needs to be customized and is not common for each organization and should focus on improving compensation, working conditions, and overall promotion channels.

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