HOFA Launches Summer Residency in Monte Carlo

The international contemporary art gallery HOFA (House of Fine Art) announced its summer stay in Monte Carlo and began private viewing on Wednesday night.

This exhibition features carefully selected works by prominent artists such as Mary Ronine, Loribel Spirovsky, Chan Hong Yi, Dylan Gevia Richards, Ries, Camille Hannah, Florian Aiman ​​and Blanc Simmondson. I will exhibit it.

Editing artwork explores the interrelated nature of life and themes related to the harmony of the world with a divergent and sometimes deceptive perspective.

Starting with Ronine, her use of elements of the farce, including cartoon-like style, pays homage to time, identity, and fluidity in life. This is tied to the interwoven nature of our world. Her work gives the deceptive illusion of lack of political or social tone, but demonstrates the quality of Holgers in his quest for historical stories.

This sense of conflict and divergence is further explored by Simmondson, who explores the brutality of war through the lens of beauty. His art shows how the fact that both ends of the spectrum are in the same structure remains interconnected.

Loribelle Spirovski, Homme 273, 2021

Similarly, Florian Eymann uses gesture methodologies to decompose and reinterpret traditional portrait representations and perceive a single entity in a myriad of different ways, depending on the framework of the individual’s mind. I’m emphasizing.

Extending this concept, Gebbia-Richards created a microcosm of nature with his three-dimensional multicolored paintings, and the myriad of appearing when incorporating seemingly opposite but interacting colors and shapes. Challenge the viewer to harmonize the impression. His art recognizes a harmonious but conflicting world.

This interconnectivity is reflected in the portrait of Spirovsky. This expresses the coordinated externalization of both her and her sitter’s internal conflicts, leaving an uneasy effect on the viewer when adjusting the juxtaposition of movement and tranquility. This interaction with the viewer is also a feature of Hannah’s work, as she is invited to reveal the blurry lines that her painting conveys by interacting within the framework of technology.

Lyès is also exploring this concept of liquidity. He is clearly interested in our perception of reality as wall sculptures and installations convey the power of nature to connect everyone, place, time and material.

This higher level of consciousness is inherited by Zhuang Hong Yi’s art and enriches the viewer in ways that help nature interconnect everything. His highly sought-after flowerbed blends a medium of sculpture and paint. Colors melt on a collage of intricately folded Chinese rice paper flowers, encouraging viewers to think of this diverse yet unified color and shape tapestry.

HOFA Gallery Monte Carlo

1av. Henry Dunant, Palais de Lascala, MC.

Private Viewing June 29, 2022 18: 30–21: 30


Monaco Life with press release. Above photo: Lyès, Inner Goodness, 2019 HOFA Launches Summer Residency in Monte Carlo

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