Home Ministry Orders Review of Police Building Construction

Ljubljana – Interior Minister Tatiana Bobnall has ordered a review of a project to build a new building for the interior ministry and police, Nesenzrilano news site reported. The deal was signed in July 2021 by state-owned real estate investment firm DSU and former Interior Minister Ales Huis.

DSU planned to build facilities on Ljubljana’s Litostrojska street four years later and lease them to the Ministry and the police.

The ministry told the portal on Thursday that it will make further decisions on the project after an extraordinary review scheduled for September is completed.

According to Necenzurirano, the DSU rushed to draft the project dossier and pushed the project further and could no longer stop it.

This is said to be due to concerns that the project, like many other investments and projects of the previous administration, will be subject to suspension or review.

Necenzurirano said the DSU chose the company’s Plan B in January “after numerous complications and amendments to public procurement documents,” amid warnings of some controversial terms and restrictions on competition. said he did.

In May, Plan B and its partners received an initial payment of around €750,000, or almost 20% of the total amount, to prepare the necessary documents for the building permit.

Plan B is currently working on the additional documentation required for construction, which is a prerequisite for publishing a public tender to select a contractor for the construction work.

Necenzurirano said the DSU instructed staff working on the project to complete the work as soon as possible, even though many workers are on annual leave.

As the ministry told the portal, a key factor in determining further steps is the potential cost of the project’s shutdown.

Under the law, parties must indemnify each other for damages caused by breach of contract, the ministry explained. Home Ministry Orders Review of Police Building Construction

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