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Home Office Extends Visa Amendment Grace Period-Doha News

Qatar’s Ministry of Home Affairs has extended the grace period for second-time visa overstayers.

The Ministry of Home Affairs gives people who violate visa rules extra time to process documents and ensure valid permits.

The grace period was scheduled to end on 31 December 2021, but the ministry has extended it to 31 March 2022. Therefore, if you exceed your visa, or if you are unable to renew or renew your visa, you can give more time. For COVID related issues.

The Minister’s decision means that a person who violates the rules of residence, work visa, or family visit visa may file a settlement to amend his legal status and avoid legal proceedings.

Authorities said in a statement released Tuesday that the extension was within the willingness to consider the interests of business owners and expatriates.

Read again: Visa or residence issues? The implications of Qatar’s new “grace period” for foreigners are as follows:

The ministry emphasizes that people need to comply with the aforementioned grace period and visit relevant government service centers to correct their status in order to avoid delays and complications.

Violating employers and / or expatriates must submit a settlement request to the search and follow-up department or any service center within the above period.

The department then examines the file and considers an exemption from the adjustment or a reduction under the provisions of the law.

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